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  1. Спасибо большое Майор! Я говорил об етом с мой друг инструктор! Он больше беспокоится об етом как будеть почта решена! Если он решить что то делать буду писать на личное! Будь здоров!
  2. Абсолютно точный! Спасибо за разъяснение! Мой коллега инструктор использует немецкие круговые парашюты RS-4/5 для обучения! Проблема в том, что ресурс наличного ППК-У истекает! Ему нужен дилер Московского инструментального завода!
  3. Привет, где можно купить новый КПП-У? Цена? Есть ли у Московского завода дилеры? Контакт, пожалуйста? Заранее спасибо!
  4. Usually we fly on the weekends but if are busy with tandems we can jump even during weekdays! For your convenience you can call us or send a message via FB - blackseadropzone!
  5. I have pictures but its easier to get in Facebook -search Blackseadropzone. I uploaded almost everything there! About the plane ,initially I was sceptic for it,but now I'm sure that is most appropriate plane for such a DZ here. It takes 5 people and climb to 4000m. for 8.5 minutes !!! (this is not a mistake!) Its a small Pilatus! The engine is from L-410.
  6. In the end of 2013 a new DZ has been created next to the sea side.The new DZ is located in Balchik!Its very close to Varna.That is the only DZ in Bulgaria where is possible to jump from 4000m.Check If you spend your vacation at sea side you are more that welcome!
  7. AVA Sport, Болгария

    I don't have any pictures of the factory.Actually the factory is very good equipped,with all range of sewing machines.Initially they have started to produce paragliding harnesses.About the TSO they haven't got any! They use German fabric for container which is little bit different from basic Cordura. Airtec make tests with all containers which are produced in today's market. They give a certificate that the harness/container is compatible with Cypres! If you need any information just let me know! Once again sorry that I write in english!Извините меня пожалуйста!
  8. AVA Sport, Болгария

    Sorry that I write in English but its easier for me! I've been in that factory and have seen the manufacturing! In my opinion is better to take Russian H/C than that one! If you have any questions,please let me know!